Best Sex Toys

First impressions of the Jessica Rabbit Original is ‘oh my, how old fashioned does that look!’ It can seem a bit intimidating. Rabbit vibrators have been around since the 90′s and became famous as of the Sex and the City series in the US. It’s a beast. Packaged in see through plastic moulded around the toy with a cardboard, you can see exactly what you are getting. You could store the toy in this packaging if you had no other option, however it is a bit clunky and not at all discrete. Branded “The world most popular vibrator, Jessica is every girl’s best friend!”. I’m not quite sure I’m going to replace my best friends for Jessica, but we’ll see.


Made by the brand Loving Joy, the Jessica Rabbit consists of a phallus shaped shaft complete with beads and the famous rabbit ear clitoral vibrator attached near the base. There are also raised bumps for extra stimulation. This is one of those toys in which they have tried to make it girly for women. The pink colour is just about forgivable, the face under the head of the shaft and rabbit feature on the clitoris stimulator however are not. It’s a vibrator, if I wanted to have someones face in my vagina, I’d go find a real person.

The Jessica Rabbit Original takes 4 AAA batteries. Three batteries go in one side of the compartment, and on the opposite side. Then carefully slide it back into the base of the toy and tighten the cap to ensure the waterproof seal.

The Jessica Rabbit Original is made from TPR. It is latex and phthalates free. It has a lot of give to it, but can be used with either silicone or water based lubricants. Lint and dust seems to be easily attracted to this toy, so store it carefully.

This toy is very loud. It’s something that I would definitely recommend to only be used in an empty house. The buttons are very simple and easy to locate when in use despite their ugly appearance. There’s a button to turn the ears on/off and the button next to it changed the speed from high to low. Likewise with the button to start the shaft rotating which has an on/off button with a right/left button next to it. It is easy to change the settings during use, especially as they are so raised.

Those ears are definitely worth all the hype. They have very strong vibrations even on the low setting. If you want your clit to just be tickled, this will be completely overpowering for you. You have low or high. A few more settings would be great. As this is the original though, the beginning of it all, you can’t have everything. There are plenty of other rabbitvibrators available.
You can have simultaneous vibration from the shaft and clit stimulator or have one at a time. I found that after a while the clit stimulation becomes too much with the shaft on as well.
The beads move around the shaft well, they don’t jam. The vibrator has more of a rotation feeling than actual vibrating. I found that where the beads are situated had too much sudden girth, and when inserted this far the ears were too much on my clit. It’s like a catch 22!

The Jessica Rabbit is easy to clean with anti bacterial toy cleaner or warm soapy water. When storing, remove the batteries. Always use cheap batteries (rather than Duracell) to prevent the motor overheating.

Overall a strong vibrator that will hit both spots, providing you are home alone and can get over the cliched faces on the toy!